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Janet Daley has an excellent article in the Telegraph today, voicing something that has preyed on my mind for a while.

She writes:

“After more than 40 years as an American expatriate living in Britain, I have not got over the shock of being in a democratic country where the governing class holds the views of ordinary people in such contempt: the priorities of the public – whether they are uncontrolled immigration, lack of appropriate punishment for criminals, or the outrageous cost of the basic necessities of modern life – can be disregarded or dismissed if the governing elite decides that they are wrong-headed or benighted.

But at least Britain still has some sense of the value of mass political participation – unlike the architects of the EU, who have given up on it altogether. Having decided that democracy equalled mob rule, they opted for a return to oligarchy. Britain does not have much time left to decide which political model it prefers.”

All of the issues Daley raises are areas where the UK political elite have decided to give over the power that is ours, not theirs, to the EU political elite. The political class signed up to a Europe-wide ban on capital punishment so the liberal elite could rejoice in their smug sense of superiority over the Americans. This is despite the fact that there is and has been for decades a majority in favour of bringing it back.

I personally would vote against capital punishment because I don’t trust our legal system, although I would like very much to see some of our worst criminals executed, the murderers of children, the sexual murderers, murderers of families, terrorists and so on. But I want to live in a sovereign democracy, where people of my views have to persuade people of opposing views to change their opinion. I want to live in a society where politicians stand on programmes of policies that people want.

Immigration is another issue which is of vital importance to the nation, and this is true whether you believe the free movement of peoples is necessary for economic growth, or you believe that immigration is a drain on public resources and social cohesion. Our political class signed over our rights to determine at the ballot box our policy on immigration from the EU and our right to deport public menaces. We have no control over immigration from EU countries any more. No-one was asked if they wanted this policy, and the public would have overwhelmingly voted against it, but the self-serving elite in Westminster did it anyway.

Again, policies on food and fuel have been signed away to the EU.

And this is the fact which can not be emphasised enough – we have never voted to join the EU. Public opinion is against the loss of sovereignty we have suffered, and against losing any more. Yet our self-appointed betters can get away with campaigning on other issues and ignoring the ones they don’t want to talk about.

How can we solve this problem? One way is through increasing local democracy. It is harder to ignore people’s opinions when they live down the street. Another is to increase the number of elected individuals, rather than people elected as part of a collegiate assembly. Elected police chiefs and mayors WILL be associated with specific policies they stand on, and WILL be kicked out if they don’t follow them.

Most of all, we need to get out of the EU. That organisation is like the double chocolate gateau to the greedy porkers of our politicians. It allows them to grant themselves and their mates all sorts of powers behind our backs and present the policies as not their responsibility. That’s not good enough. Parliament represents the will of the people in this country, and can do anything, it is the supreme power. There is no EU regulation that the UK could not repeal right now. It’s our power, when are they going to start listening to us?


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