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The Limp and the Damned

I was suspicious when I saw Nick Clegg announce to the Lib Dem conference an extensive sweep of tax cuts, while at the same time Vince Cable was proposing a merger of the party with ZaNuLab. If the Lib Dems wanted to move to the right to step onto the Tories’ turf, why would they moot a merger with the Labourites? Cable framed his suggestion as being designed to cope with a possible Labour meltdown, but to me it didn’t sound like the party had much confidence in its tax cutting proposals. Had they seen some worrying polls I thought?

Guido links to a Liberal Vision report suggesting that the party could lose up to two thirds of its seats. Oh dear, oh dear. What a terrible situation. The panicked nature of these measures are so obvious, they won’t be overlooked by voters or the other parties. Voters now know that the LDs will cast off each and every principle or position to keep their pitiful piece of the Westminster pie, and Labour now knows that the Lib Dems could be shot as a rival. And the idea that LD voters would just switch to a Lib-Lab party and run any risk of keeping the socialist gang in power for another five years! Ridiculous.

Best of all, the party that has defined itself as the home of the respectable europhile has resorted to ditching its policy of joining the Euro! Are we going to see a eurosceptic arms race between Clegg, Cameron and whoever replaces Mad Jock McBroon?


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