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The BBC came under fire for referring to the murderous cunts who attacked random strangers in India as ‘militants’ instead of ‘terrorists’.

A BBC spokesman said: “This is nothing to do with political correctness. We are not calling them freedom fighters. We are call them bombers or militants. The fact is terrorist does not have a universal meaning. It translates as freedom fighters in certain languages. We are not alone in not calling them terrorists.”
Read that again. He says that they didn’t use the word ‘terrorist’ because the word for ‘terrorist’ in some other language also means freedom fighter. Eh? Stick to worrying about the English meanings guys, if you want to keep your jobs. Although I fear it may be too late.


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This was a comment on Leg-Iron’s excellent blog:

20th Nov, 2008 04:56 (UTC)
bnp list
i’m on the list, even though i’m no longer a member. the reason i joined was by way of support for the party top brass, who were in court for voicing highly critical political/religious opinions at a members’ meeting. they were eventually aquitted after 2 trials. on the news, after a tense wait, and to a crowd of cheering supporters, the defendants emerged from court. but then, as Nick Griffin addressed the crowd, BBC news 24 switched to a “long-range weather forecast” that co-incidentally lasted as long as his speech. eh?
blatant censorship! – i suddenly found myself wishing to show some support for people who believed that you had, in Britain, the fundamental right to hold an opinion and utter it in public, whether people agreed or not. to that end, and for that reason only, i sent off £30 for membership. when last years’ membership was up, i didn’t renew it.
maybe i’m going to pay for that small gesture of support by harassment, hardship, or attack. but a man’s right to free speech and political opinion either exists or it doesn’t.
thanks very much for that article, i enjoyed reading a thoughtful rational piece about this matter.
The reason we don’t like the BNP is that they would victimise people were they to get in power. So why are so many of us keen to do the same to them? And who is there to verify this list anyway?

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BBC Pravda

As Britain slowly becomes a banana republic, a shitty little DDR-style police state, the BBC does its bit to contribute to the success of the ‘ex’ communists in ZanuLab.

Today’s story is a slash in the value of our pensions. See if you can spot the ‘mistake’:

Millions of pounds have been wiped off the value of the UK’s pension pot in the last year as shares have fallen, a pension consulting company says.

The value of employees’ defined contribution pensions has dropped by nearly a third from £552bn to £395bn, according to research by Aon.

Millions or billions? If you were the government, which would you want reported?


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Both the Guardian and the Telegraph report that Cherie Blair was heckled at a fringe meeting of the Tory Party conference. The discussion was about the Human Rights Act of 1998, which signed the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.

Here is how the Guardian reported the events:

As she tried to say that the HRA was there to protect fundamental rights such as the right to life, some activists heckled her but she went on to defend the act. “We should be proud that in our country we do not have an elected dictatorship, and that the courts are there to protect individual rights. And, yes, that does apply to the most unpopular people, whether they are criminals, whether they are Gypsies, whether they are illegal asylum seekers, because in the end we are a decent society and we believe that everybody is entitled to respect and that has to be policed on our behalf.”

Now, what is the impression you get from this bit of reporting? It sounds like Blair is defending the rights of Gypsies and asylum seekers, doesn’t it? It sounds like Tory activists were objecting to this, as they always do in leftist mythology.

Here is the Telegraph:

Paul Bowman, whose teenage daughter Sally Anne was raped before being stabbed and her body defiled, challenged Mrs Blair to explain why “inhuman” murderers should be protected by the law.

She angered delegates at a fringe meeting at Conservative Party conference by suggesting that those who wished to change the Human Rights Act were advocating the return of slavery or disagreed with the sanctity of life.

There were hisses and angry shouts from the crowd, which included a number of victims’ relatives, as Mrs Blair, a leading human rights lawyer, was drowned out and forced to abandon her argument.

Well, that’s rather different isn’t it? She was heckled by victims’ relatives who were complaining about the protection afforded to their tormentors.

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« Je lui dis  : “Serge, je ne comprends pas, je ne suis jamais dans ton journal depuis deux ans.” (…) Et il me dit, d’un ton le plus naturel du monde  : “Mais Nicolas, tu es un dissident. Comment tu veux que j’autorise qu’il y ait un papier pour toi, pour un dissident  ? ” »

It makes the talk of the Eurosceptic press in the UK seem rather sinister doesn’t it? A Eurosceptic press is presumably one that prints what people think as opposed to what’s convenient for the government.

le figaro: censorship

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usual BBC nonsense

P.M. on radio 4 just went to a group of floating voters to ask them their opinions on the speech. After a couple of pro-Brown commenters, one chap piped up ‘I was going to vote Labour anyway, but this has only confirmed it.’ er … remind me of what a floating voter is again

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BBC lunacy

I suppose it’s become a theme with this blog, so I thought I would publicise this story from the Mail. Peter Knowles, a senior executive in charge of parliamentary programming told OUR employees (we pay their wages through the TV tax) not to be aggressive to Brown as his government was in trouble in the polls. To save their feelings? Seriously, what was he thinking? If he felt free to say such things, what kind of culture does our Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation have?

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