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citizenship drivel

Says Nicholas Sarkozy, “I don’t want the citizens of Europe to wake up in a few months and discover that European businesses belong to non-European capitals”, according to El Pais.

Nick, we are not European citizens. When a German company buys our postal service, we consider that to be a foreign company. Europhiles like to bullshit about free trade, but all they are really trying to do is build a nationalist protectionist block with Brussels the capital of a new nation. Were an American, Canadian or Australian company to buy a British company we would consider that less foreign than a German or French company.

In other news our new European Comissioner, some bint from the Lords that no-one has ever elected and looks like a horse, has referred to herself as a European in her acceptance speech.

When will we be free of these parasites? They’re talking to themselves. No-one in this country thinks they are European or wants a European nation. Yet these wankers continue to build one.


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