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The government was clearly far from embarassed by revelations that it had paid for a propaganda series on its useless PCSOs, which you would have thought would have led to heads rolling. Surely its a big story that the government is paying TV stations to make and broadcast propaganda for its policies? Anyone?

Obviously no-one’s bothered, which is presumably why, according to the Observer, ZaNuLab have decided to try to recruit Jeremy Kyle to publicly humiliate benefit scroungers into getting a job. The Observer call this ‘spin’. This isn’t ‘spin’, guys, ‘spin’ is subtly rewording a message to avoid embarrassing aspects or to push the interpretation you want. This is PROPAGANDA. You may remember this from such socialist experiments as … oh, sod it. All of them.

We really are up shit creek if we accept the government has the right to produce tv programmes as propaganda. On Tim Worstall’s blog is information about the extent to which charities have also become propaganda outlets. I suggest, at the very least, if governments are going to fund such propaganda, NGOs or TV companies must be forced to give over 25% of each printed page or each TV screen to a big warning sign, a la cigarette packs, saying something like ‘THIS IS NOT INDEPENDENT OPINION. BELIEVE AT YOUR PERIL.’


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