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thickism? or racism?

Perhaps out of sympathy for the loss of his mother in a tragic hunting accident, Barack Obambi hasn’t attracted the level of scorn for his verbal gaffes as Bush the Younger did. Obama seemed to be under the impression there were 57 states in the USA a few weeks back, a mistake that would have brought hoots of derision at the Republican, but which was put down to tiredness on the part of the young buck, who’s not used to being up so late.

Interestingly, it turned out in 2005 that Kerry’s grade average at Yale – 66 (C) – was two points lower than the legendarily retarded ‘W’. Legends can’t always be trusted!

Over at Reason magazine, the Libertarian VP candidate Wayne Allen Root asks why Obama’s grades from Columbia University haven’t been released.  According to Root, an A-/B+ average wasn’t enough to get him, scion of a poor family, into Harvard law school. Root asks if Obama’s grades were superior to his, or if there was any other reason Obama got a place at such a prestigious institution in a country his associates consider racist.


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If you want to see the double-speak and the ludicrous assertions that officials are forced into by government decrees on what people should think, take a look at North Norfolk district council’s combined equality scheme.

Councils are required to implement equality reviews for race, gender and disability, although not for sexuality; however, mine has chosen to, ostensibly because they believe that they will soon be forced to, but I suspect it’s more to do with the fact that the black person living here was out when they called (see title), which makes it much harder to spend our money asking him how he feels about life.

The results of the survey? Apparently the facts that 50% of people here disapprove of same-sex relationships being legally recognised, and 60% of people here think that children are better brought up by a heterosexual couple,  are evidence of ‘homophobia’. Isn’t it interesting how disagreeing with the government on a controversial matter of policy is a mental illness now?

But hang on, if 60% think this policy is mistaken, why is the local council trying to change attitudes? Isn’t it supposed to represent the people of the area? No, it is not. It is the arm of the government in the locale, and it is answerable to them, not you. Our local government is not a representative body, and hence pushes what the government wishes our morals to be, not what they are and what we want them to be. This shall be a theme we will explore further!

Worried by racism, the council has decided to run a black history month next winter. The cost, at £250, almost seems too low to get upset about. But that’s missing the point: I would never dream of spending so much of my own money or the money of an organisation I was involved in on such a patently useless event. Government idiocy inures us to this completely irrational waste on a small scale by shovelling our money out of the window on big programmes. We should demand reason rule the spending of every budgetary item.

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