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Not literally, obviously, otherwise this blogpost wouldn’t exist. In fact it would be a performative contradiction.. Nonetheless, I find it very hard to write anything about such a hideous example of what our country has become. I don’t understand how anyone involved in dealing with this case in the civil service could sign their bit of paper moving the case along. You’d resign wouldn’t you? You’d have to? Or would it be more than your job was worth?

To my mind, rather than any hatred for the Gurkhas, this shows the petty-minded attitude to the rules that has become entrenched in this country. No-one is willing to go against the regulations and say that something is wrong. It’s too easy to shift the blame onto the rules and avoid taking responsibility.

Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur Dura, of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, based at Shorncliffe Barracks, Folkestone, died last month in the Musa Qala district of Helmand Province when the vehicle he was travelling in hit a roadside bomb.

Now his widow Uma and the couple’s two young daughters face deportation.



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The civil service revolt against New Labour continues. First Ken MacDonald of the CPS, now a senior GCHQ figure has weighed in.


Harvey Mattinson, a consultant at the information technology arm of GCHQ, said that the only real value of identity cards would be to help state bodies share information about people.

Mr Mattinson is a former senior official at the Cabinet Office who now advises GCHQ’s Communications-Electronics Security Group.

Speaking at an IT security conference in Wales, he rubbished ministers’ claims that the multi-billion pound scheme would enhance national security.

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BBC Pravda

As Britain slowly becomes a banana republic, a shitty little DDR-style police state, the BBC does its bit to contribute to the success of the ‘ex’ communists in ZanuLab.

Today’s story is a slash in the value of our pensions. See if you can spot the ‘mistake’:

Millions of pounds have been wiped off the value of the UK’s pension pot in the last year as shares have fallen, a pension consulting company says.

The value of employees’ defined contribution pensions has dropped by nearly a third from £552bn to £395bn, according to research by Aon.

Millions or billions? If you were the government, which would you want reported?


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The rise of the far right

One of the consequences of European integration has been the rise of far-right parties. Before the last ten years they were an exotic foreign problem. We used to listen to stories of Le Pen in France and think ourselves lucky that Britain didn’t have such problems. No more. The BNP, running on an anti-EU platform, has grown massively in recent years. They have started to take thousands of votes from Labour, and have become a regular feature on news programmes that would have refused to talk to them a decade ago.

This is a consequence of official disdain for people’s identity. It is not only the EU, of course. This Labour government in particular has shown itself to be concerned more with the student, ‘Foucauldian’ issues of gender and race rather than the root of the labour movement – the working class. Unfettered immigration has lead many people to feel like they are becoming strangers in their own home (see the survey I posted on yesterday for an example).

Today has seen stories of electoral success for the far right in Austria. Again, the EU figured in their rhetoric. In Germany we can also see the rise of the Left Party on an anti-EU platform.

The EU’s ‘slow-motion coup d’etat’ has caused this boost in support for the extremists. Whereas twenty years ago, if you were a socialist you could vote for the Labour party or a Socialist party in Europe, now those parties have given over control over policy to the EU. Either you don’t vote – a big problem in Britain – or you have to find another socialist party. Thus decent people are driven to the extremists.

The same is true on the right – there is nothing wrong with being concerned about immigration. People who felt that way used to be able to vote for a right-wing party. Now those parties have given away control over immigration to the EU. Your options are to refrain from voting or to vote for an extremist party. Let us hope that good sense prevails in Britain and we halt this disastrous policy of European integration before extremely nasty things start to happen. Anyone who has read their history knows that Hitler gained power with around 33 percent of the vote, the Austrian far-right are nearly there. We should all feel distinctly nervous this morning.

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This is outrageous, but utterly predictable. We have a government that holds parliament and democracy in contempt. They sicken me. Will we ever be free of this authoritarian nightmare?

Exclusive The government will drop plans for a massive central database to track UK citizens private communications from the forthcoming Communications Data Bill, but officials will proceed with the multi-billion project in the background instead.

Senior civil servants will discreetly run the project to swerve potential political opposition to a scheme which would retain details of every phone call, email, and web browsing session of every UK citizen, sources have told The Register.

The Register, 25th September.

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This is Gordon Brown, our wise leader.

This is Gordon, our wise leader. Doesn't he look happy and gay!

This is David. He had a party. David's friends all said he was wise, and he should be leader instead of Gordon. David agreed!

Gordon wasn't pleased! He was almost angry with David!

Gordon wasn't pleased! He was almost angry!

David was very embarrassed. He knew he made a mistake in agreeing with his friends. Gordon heard what he said. David apologised and they made friends again.

David was very embarrassed. He knew he had made a mistake. David apologised.

They decided to be friends.

They decided to be friends.

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usual BBC nonsense

P.M. on radio 4 just went to a group of floating voters to ask them their opinions on the speech. After a couple of pro-Brown commenters, one chap piped up ‘I was going to vote Labour anyway, but this has only confirmed it.’ er … remind me of what a floating voter is again

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