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Mike Butcher, who blogs about technology and start-up businesses at Techcrunch, has claimed the username “andyburnham” at Twitter, the short-form blogging service, in an attempt to educate him about some “essential truths” of the internet.


This kind of activism is entertaining, but you can’t help feeling that the only people who will be aware of it and appreciate it are those who already understand why Burnham’s ideas are shit.

Can we leave yet?

What fresh madness is this? On the front page of the Telegraph is a claim that there is a ‘row’ over the Earl of Wessex swinging a stick at two fighting dogs and possibly,  just possibly, hitting one, once. One assumes the Telegraph phoned up the animal rights campaigner to whip up the story. Surely no-one really believes this is worth reporting? Am I cruel to my dog when I swing my boot at her to get her out of a carcass she’s rolling around in? Is it cruel when I smack her for not responding to my call?  The Telegrah should be ashamed for this sort of story, but given the headlines they see fit to print these days, shame seems to have fled.

Don’t Read This Crap

Le Cock Sportif

Sarkozy has been quoted as saying that we will not have a strong Europe without strong nations, which seemed to be an attempt to back away from a federal state. I believe it is, and I think there are a few signs that the euro-elite recognize that their federal plans are not likely to succeed. Little things like the backtrack on the weights and measures legislation, the Lib Dems retreating on the euro, Chris Huhne saying that Toben should not be extradicted despite passing the legislation that made it clear he should (I assume pressure was brought to bear diplomatically on Germany, which is how this farce of democracy really works) all point to a retreat. The financial crisis has given them a card to play, but the deck is stacked against them.


Whatever the case, the fact that Europe is a mechanism for satisfying the egotism of politicians remains so. There is no surprise that the biggest supporter in this country for the idea of a European President was Tony Blair. Sarkozy’s ambitions in that regard are obvious. His performance in the European Soviet also shows he is not averse to using the euro-patriotism of the MEPs to get what he wants. His attempts to push the Czech’s out of their presidency have taken another step up with news that he is refusing to attend the ceremony for handing over power to them. It is a clear attempt to create an alternative authority in the EU, with France at the forefront. Coming after his attempt to create an unofficial ‘economic government’ of Europe it shows an alarmingly cowboy approach to international relations. Even if the federalists dreams are over, there are great dangers to the webby morass of powers throttling Europe.

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Not literally, obviously, otherwise this blogpost wouldn’t exist. In fact it would be a performative contradiction.. Nonetheless, I find it very hard to write anything about such a hideous example of what our country has become. I don’t understand how anyone involved in dealing with this case in the civil service could sign their bit of paper moving the case along. You’d resign wouldn’t you? You’d have to? Or would it be more than your job was worth?

To my mind, rather than any hatred for the Gurkhas, this shows the petty-minded attitude to the rules that has become entrenched in this country. No-one is willing to go against the regulations and say that something is wrong. It’s too easy to shift the blame onto the rules and avoid taking responsibility.

Colour Sergeant Krishnabahadur Dura, of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, based at Shorncliffe Barracks, Folkestone, died last month in the Musa Qala district of Helmand Province when the vehicle he was travelling in hit a roadside bomb.

Now his widow Uma and the couple’s two young daughters face deportation.


The BBC came under fire for referring to the murderous cunts who attacked random strangers in India as ‘militants’ instead of ‘terrorists’.

A BBC spokesman said: “This is nothing to do with political correctness. We are not calling them freedom fighters. We are call them bombers or militants. The fact is terrorist does not have a universal meaning. It translates as freedom fighters in certain languages. We are not alone in not calling them terrorists.”
Read that again. He says that they didn’t use the word ‘terrorist’ because the word for ‘terrorist’ in some other language also means freedom fighter. Eh? Stick to worrying about the English meanings guys, if you want to keep your jobs. Although I fear it may be too late.

Sunday Silliness

This is video from a police car’s camera, in Edmonton, Canada.