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Of all the Labour policies, this is the one that I find the most incomprehensible. The government have refused visas to two thousand Gurkhas who retired before 1997. Why would Labour treat the Gurkhas badly like this? What could they possibly gain from it? They have operated an immigration policy which has accepted people from all over the world, from places with no connection to Britain. They have given away control over immigration from EU countries to the EU. Why have they compounded these deeply unpopular policies by disgracefully treating a tiny number of soldiers who have served our country and faced death for us? What can they gain by angering so many of us? They have spent so much on immigrants to this country, why begrudge this tiny act of gratitude? They have frittered away goodwill on immigration policy, why not earn a little bit back? It beggars belief. I think it is a sign that these people are truly, deeply, right to the bottom of their hearts and the very back of their brains, incompetent.

Please sign this petition. So that Gordon gets some idea of how many of us he is ignoring. Bastard.


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